Terms and Conditions of Use

The PinCity platform is moderated by us (AQE advisors, a.s., hereinafter referred to as “AQE”) and by our clients. We moderate the website in order to create a productive and safe environment where people can engage with the project or each other without feeling intimidated.

The application uses (a) an ex-post moderation tool, where all the content created by the users of our website is immediately posted and then reviewed by our moderators and partners to ensure it complies with the AQE Governance Rules; or (b) an ex-ante moderation tool, where all content must be approved by our moderators before appearing on our website.

In the first case, the user's content is immediately posted on the website and then reviewed by the moderators if the form of the posted content requires it. If the client or AQE encounters a violation of the Terms and Conditions of Use, the user's content will be rejected and the user will be notified by email. We reserve the right to edit or remove at our discretion any content that has been posted on our website. In some cases, the user may notice that the posted content no longer appears on the website. This means that the content has been temporarily removed until the client or AQE makes sure that it complies with the Governance Rules. If the content is rejected, the user will be notified by email from the client or AQE.

If an ex-ante moderation tool is used, moderators must review and approve the user's content before it is posted on the website. This may mean the user’s content does not immediately appear on the website. The users must also agree to the Terms of Registration and Privacy Policy before using our website.

Please consider your involvement as an opportunity, as a chance to share your ideas and to contribute to sustainable urban development.

Participation Rules

We reserve the right to edit or remove any content submitted by a user, which may include but is not limited to:

  • Personal attacks on other participants or city employees
  • Personal information about any of the participants or city employees
  • Use of profane, disrespectful, offensive or vulgar language
  • Comments that are discriminatory of users’ gender, race, religion, culture, sexual preference, appearance or social background
  • Links to any advertising or illegal material
  • Spamming of comments

Participation Guidelines

  • Contribute constructive discussions and comments while respecting the views of other participants (one-sided critical comments without a proposed solution may be removed by moderators)
  • Only post content suitable for anyone (including children) to view
  • Make sure to obtain permission to post images or intellectual property of a third party
  • Do not spam by posting irrelevant links or reposting your previous comments
  • Do not post rude or dismissive comments

Technical Support

For technical questions, please contact us at [email protected].